Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Summer Is Almost Gone

Summer post must start  with a beautiful flower picture, right?

Suomenlinna, June 29th. 2015

Soon it'll be mid-August, how fast can the time actually fly? I can't believe how fast the summer has gone, because I feel like May started just a few days ago. I guess, my thoughts arise from the fact that I have felt myself busy most of the summer even though I haven't actually done much. 

Grave yard of Kalvola

Found my mom's old sunglasses. hehe.

I have been working most of the week days since the mid-May and on this Friday my summer job on the grave yard is coming to its end. My feelings are very mixed about it, because I actually like the job, well mainly the people there (however, it ain't so nice to work under a heavy rain). On the other hand it's nice to be able to enjoy the holidays, finally. What I don't like is the fact that the beginning of my 3rd university year is getting closer a day by day. Let's just say my motivation has run away during this year. haha. Hopefully, I can regain that motivation before going back to school. 

Flowers are beautiful, and I take lots of pictures of them ;)

A view from our summer cottage in Hämeenlinna

A view from our summer cottage in Lappeenranta

So, how have I enjoyed my free days (= weekends)? I have been spending lots of time on both of our summer cottages. There I can really relax and be happy - being at a summer cottage equals happiness. I can't imagine a summer without special days at summer cottages. To my surprise, I have spent time picking up berries and collecting mushrooms, which I haven't been keen on doing before. 

Collecting mushrooms

Picking up blueberries
In early July we also celebrated my brother's birthday by throwing up a small party. I like such events because I get to see some relatives and family friends. Of course, it's a great reason for eating unhealthy things. haha. 

Me at my bro's party.

After Midsummer, I have visited Hamina once. It was a nice visit, which followed the same pattern as always; watching TV, chatting a lot, going out to eat, visiting my grandpa's grave and going for a walk. I did see pretty views during this trip, though.  

One weekend I visited a housing fair in Vantaa (Southern Finland), which was nice. I wasn't too fond of the actual houses, but I liked most the lamps. Besides, the company was great and that matters much more than the stuff we do or where we are. :) 

That's about all for my quick summer post. I'm sorry I have been such a slow blogger, as well as snail mailer this summer. I hope to get back to business soon. I wish all the best for everyone for the rest of this summer!