Friday, 31 January 2014

A normal mail week

There's nothing much to say about this week... I didn't do anything that exciting, but the last weekend was so nice. I got to go cross-country skiing on Saturday and Sunday, finally. On both days mom and I skied 17 km. You can imagine how painful it was to walk on Monday!!? For rest of the weekend I was doing a puzzle, which wasn't clever at all. I hope this weekend is as nice as the previous one was, tho this could go by a bit slower.

- Micaela, Spain

- Mari-Liis, Estonia
- Emilia, Finland

I also received three postcrossing cards and an early Valentine's day card from my friend. :)



GERMANY, tho this card is originally from Canada. 

Have a great weekend!!

Friday, 24 January 2014

Cold winter days' mail

These past two weeks have been cold and sunny in Finland. I absolutely love this weather, it couldn't be much better. Of course, there could be more snow on the ground and it could be a bit warmer, so that cross-country skiing would be easier. Here some pictures:

Now to the mail update:
- Teresa, New Zealand (currently Finland)

- Thilini, Sri Lanka 
- Almante, Lithuania 
- Emilia, Finland 
- Pair, Thailand 
- Dora, Hungary (currently Finland) 

Have a great weekend!! 

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Follow my blog by e-mail!!


Some weeks ago I realized that it's possible to follow blogs by e-mail. Yeah, I know, I should have noticed it earlier.. hah. From my point of view it's a fantastic idea. If you don't have a google account, you don't need to go through blogs to see if there's something new. Now you can get all the blog posts to your e-mail. How easy is that? :)

If you wish to follow my blog by e-mail look at the right side of my blog, under the followers. Then make an Email Subscription Request and that's all. It's easy, isn't it? ;)

I'll end this post with a view from our balcony! Winter has arrived, how fantastic!! Today morning, when I woke up it was +19°C inside and -19°C. How funny is that? 

Friday, 17 January 2014

Mail week :)

Hello dear readers!

It's funny how I seem to receive lots of mail every second week. Last week our mail box was rather empty most of the days. My mom received some letters, tho. heh. This week I received many letters and some postcards as well.

First I will show you two New Year's cards that I received.



Letters arrived from: 
- Dora, Hungary (currently Finland)
- Ga Yeon, South Korea 
- Thilini, Sri Lanka 
- Micaela, Spain 
- Pair, Thailand 
- Emilia, Finland 

Some stamps: 

Stuff that arrived with the letters:


A gift from Thailand :))
I sent out one letters as well. It's traveling to: Ga Yeon, South Korea. 

Have a great weekend!! We have had lovely winter days this week, and I hope the same weather continues. I can't wait to go cross-country skiing again. ;)

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

More stamps ;)

Lately I have been blogging a lot about stamps, hope you don't get bored with them.. This time I'm showing you my own stamps. These are all received some years ago. Unfortunately, I'm no longer corresponding with these people.

First some amazing stamps from Greece! I really love those! :) 

This one is so cool!!

Lighthouse stamps are always awesome! :)

Some from Slovenia!! 


And finally some from Poland, Switzerland, Spain, USA, Turkey, Norway, Peru, Bulgaria, Sri Lanka, Aruba and Hong Kong. :)

Hope you liked all the stamps! :)