Friday, 10 February 2017

Discovering Pärnu - Estonia

Sunset in Pärnu, Estonia

As you guys remember, I had two over-night travels last year. The previous blog post was about my travel to Vilnius, Lithuania, where I was visiting a pen pal of mine in the change of April and May. That journey was planned more precisely compared to the second travel in early August. That time my mother and I had planned a trip to Hamina, where my grandmother lives. However, due to some car problems, we had to find an alternative way to travel. Hence, we checked last minute traveling possibilities and ended up booking a travel to Pärnu, Estonia.

Our journey began from the bus station in Hämeenlinna, where we got in to a bus, which went directly to the port of Helsinki. There we hopped into a ship, which headed towards Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. As it was a group journey, we had to look for our bus in order to arrive to Pärnu two hours later.

Just outside of our hotel

We stayed at Spa Hotel Viiking for three nights. The hotel was rather calm, however, we found it kinda confusing. Nevertheless, the breakfast was filling and varied, which is a clear advantage of the hotel. Once we managed to wake up early enough to go morning swimming to a section of the hotel. We enjoyed the silence in the swimming area, but the sauna was way too hot for us. The hotel also included a water & sauna center “Viiking Saaga”, which was relatively new. My mother and I weren't too keen on that, because the air was a bit challenging to breath and there wasn't really room for swimming. It was an interesting experience to share the locker rooms with males even though there were separate little rooms for changing the clothes. Overall, the cost of the hotel met the quality of it.

Who wouldn't enjoy sitting close to the water and admiring the sunset?

What comes to Pärnu itself, it's a lovely seaside town, also known as the ''summer capital'' of Estonia. We enjoyed the small cafes and restaurants across the town center. We ate out a couple of times and let me tell you, the food was delicious! I was also a bit naughty as I ended up buying desserts and cakes. Oh well, that was before I truly started my fitness journey.

The shopping possibilities are also very good as there is even a free bus going from the hotels to the larger shopping center a bit further away. I found lovely trousers, a top and super amazing shoes. Of course, the beach is also amazing. As you may know, I'm not the type of a girl, who would enjoy sunbathing. I find it super boring and due to that I may have energy to do it for max 10 minutes and then I'm off doing something else. Anyhow, I enjoyed swimming in the sea, because the water wasn't too salty and the seabed was soft for your feet.

Overall, the four-day trip to Pärnu was totally worth it, especially as I got to spend quality time with my mother. Pärnu is a great place to visit, at least during the summer time. Go for it!