Saturday, 29 March 2014

First time meeting a foreign pen pal

Some time last year (2013) I got to know that my pen pal from New Zealand would be spending an exchange year in Finland. It was great news for me, as I was always hoping to meet my pen pals for real. 

Don't misunderstand - I have met five of my Finnish pen pals (tho, I'm corresponding with only one of them nowadays...), which has been awesome as well. Last September I also got to meet my Polish friend in a town called Lahti, which was my first time meeting an online friend from other country than Finland, so it was a very special day for me. 

Thank u for the pic! :)
On 14th of March I got to know that my friend from New Zealand could come to Hämeenlinna and visit me on 22nd of March! Of course, I said yes! :) I was excited for the idea of meeting someone with whom I had exchanged letters with for a long time, tho speaking English with a native speaker did worry me a bit. Hahh. I still think my spoken English is understandable, at least I wanna think that way. Of course, I couldn't remember some words and wasn't speaking clear enough all the time. I need to practice pronunciation - how difficult can it be to pronounce Russia?? :o 

At 10 am I took a bus to go to the railway station, where I met my pen pal at 10:30. At first we walked around, and through the center of Hämeenlinna. This ain't a very big place, so it won't take long to walk through it. x) After that we ended near to the Häme castle, and decided to walk through all the three museums there - cost €14, which is rather expensive if you ask me. Must say that the 1st museum, Häme castle, was the most interesting one. We both agreed on that. :) 

Medium interesting was the Prison Museum. Wouldn't believe it was still working in 1993!?! :o

And the least interesting was the military museum.... 

Then we came to my home for lunch.. This time I learned what we call as a blueberry pie is most probably called a blueberry tart in New Zealand. I will remember this forever! :p We stayed at my place for a while as all the walking had some effects on our feet. 

Thank you for the cute stuff!
Later we headed to Aulanko, this time by a car. There we checked some ''ruins'' before it was time to go back to the railway station. 

Overall I had lots of fun that day! 
Then it was time to say goodbye for now - hoping to meet again, soon! ;) 

Friday, 28 March 2014

Last week of March

April is just around the corner
Sun is shining 
And the sky is blue!

Letters received from: 
- Xiaomin, China 
- Sabrina, Italy 





Happy Friday everyone!!! (:

Friday, 21 March 2014

Mail for week 12

One again I only have time for a quick mail post. I was hoping to write some more here this time, but I have so many school stuff to do.. :( Luckily, there are only five weeks left of this semester and then the summer holiday starts! Yay! :)

So, letters received from:
- Ayaka, Japan
- Mari-Liis, Estonia

sent to:
- Amit, Israel
- Ga Yeon, South Korea
- Inga-Siv, Sweden

Last Sunday mom and I went for a little walk. I just wanted to share some pics here:

Have a great Friday! :)

Friday, 14 March 2014

Mail for week 11

Just a quick mail post! :) 

- Emma, Australia 

- Emilia, Finland 
- Ga Yeon, South Korea 
- Li Xin, China 
- Almante, Lithuania 


POSTCARDS: from China

Have a nice weekend! :)