Saturday, 29 December 2012

Post :)

Hello again! 
Today we will go to my grandma's place, so this will be a quick post.
This week I didn't receive any letters, but I got postcards. :)
Two of them are postcrossing cards, and the three other ones came from my pen pals.

Here are the cards from my pen pals, and also the stamps. 

from South Korea :))
from Lithuania - so cute
from Norway

The stamps that came from Lithuania (so Christmas-y <3) and from Norway. 

This week I sent letters to: 
- Hyun-Ju, South Korea
- Teresa, New Zealand
- Iines, Finland
- Yessica, Mauritius
- Emma, Australia
- Inga-Siv, Sweden

So, have a nice weekend! and HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013!!  

- Tiia

Friday, 21 December 2012

The vacation has started!! =)

Heipähei! =)

I'm so happy today! Yesterday was the last school day before this week and a half long Christmas vacation!
I'm so fond of Christmas - It's my fav. celebration.  I love the food, the decorations, the gifts, the cards, the tree, candles, the guests, music/carols - absolutely everything!

I'll take some photos of Christmas, so that you guys can see how we celebrate Christmas in my family. :) 

This week I received one letter, which arrived from Naomi, Malaysia. =) 

a 3D Christmas card

What a nice key ring. :)

Then I received a cooking book from Poland. 

What a beautiful card =)
This book is full of recipes - I better try some of them soon.

Then I received one postcrossing card from Belarus.

Then I received two Christmas cards from Finland. =) I like Christmas cards very much!

This week I sent out two letters: 
- Daphne, Hong Kong 
- Yujie, China 

I'll try to catch up with the letters -- I have 15 letters to reply, so I sure have catching up to do. 

Have a lovely weekend! Let's wait for Christmas Eve! 

- Tiia

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Mail =)


This week I haven't written any letters. :( I'll try to catch up with the letters during my Christmas holidays, which will start next Friday. :)

This week I received letters from:
- Inga-Siv, Sweden
- Dora, Hungary
- Ilona, Latvia
- Mari-Liis, Estonia
- Emilia, Finland
- Sabrina, Italy

Christmas cards from my pen pals. :)) Thank you guys! 

I also received an amazing card from The Netherlands with nice stamps. :)

Well, that's all for now. 
Have a nice week! :)

- Tiia

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Mail :)

HEY! :)
Sorry guys, but I'm too busy to write much today. and I don't even feel like writing at the moment.
I'll tell you why later on.

Letters arrived from:
- Ga Yeon, South Korea
- Yujie, China
- Yessica, Mauritius
- Joanne, Singapore
- Teresa, New Zealand
- Ayaka, Japan
- Christine, Austria

The stamps of the letters. <3

Here are two postcards that I received from my pals. =)


This week I also got five postcrossing cards. :) 


THE NETHERLANDS - I absolutely adore penguins. 


The stamps of the cards. <3

This week I sent a letter to:
- Ge Yeon, South Korea

I try to write more letters on the coming week.
See you guys again next time!

- Tiia