Saturday, 30 November 2013

Stamps become more expensive :S

On Friday morning I received a message from my mom saying that the prices of stamps will go up at the beginning of January. It was't that big of a surprise because it has been happening a lot lately. It's also understandable that it happens because people don't use that much regular mail anymore. It's a shame! Now people, who use many stamps in a year need to suffer... I was shocked to hear how big the change in the prices will be. One stamp for a letter less than 20 g costs €0.85 now, but in January it will be €1.00 .. .I'm so sad about that! I would prefer the mail people to deliver mail only four times a week instead of the stamps getting so expensive!! I guess this is what happens all around the world, so I should just be ok with it... :S

Anyway, now to the mail update.. The postal people have had some short strikes, so I haven't received many letters. Maybe more letters will arrive next week, as the post should come normally again. :)
This week I received one from:
- Harjyot, India

What a beautiful postcard! :)

sent to:
- Dora, Hungary
- Yessica, Mauritius

On the last Sunday I decided to send some postcrossing cards, and I ended up sending 15. heh. Now I'm looking forward to receiving some cards. If you haven't heard of postcrossing before, go check out their home page: Click here!

Yesterday I made some Christmas cards for my relatives.. I will publish the pics here later on because I don't want people, who will receive them, to see them beforehand. haha. I'm so excited for Christmas!!! :))

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Week 47 '13

I just can't understand how quickly hours, days, weeks and months pass. It's almost the end of November already. It's Saturday morning. Soon we'll head to grandma's place as she invited us there for a lunch. It's already the second time that I will eat there this week. :) During the last weekend I got a bit crazy and ended up cleaning and re-arranging things at our home. That's how I spent the whole weekend. I wonder, how many of you have such crazy days as well?

This week I received only one letter, which arrived from:
- Yessica, Mauritius


and sent out one as well, to: 
- Emma, Australia 

Here are some pics that I took during the last weekend. :) 

This weekend I have so many school things to do: presentations, reports, maths homework etc.... And I should start studying for the up-coming exams..... Ugh! 

Friday, 15 November 2013

Week 46 '13

Once again a normal week has passed.. The week itself wasn't that interesting, but during the last Sunday we celebrated Father's Day in Finland. Obviously, I spent it at my dad's. I ended up baking a cake and here's the result.


This week I received two letters from: 
- Dora, Hungary 
- Emilia, Finland 

and sent two as well: 
- Catarina, Portugal 
- Inga-Siv, Sweden 

Friday, 8 November 2013

Week 45 '13

Hello hello hello!

One week has passed once again. I didn't get to do anything special, so let's go straight to the mail update.
Letters arrived from:
- Catarina, Portugal
- Emma, Australia

I did send out two as well: 
- Micaela, Spain 
- Mari-Liis, Estonia 

Here are some pictures of the envelopes that I have decorated. :) 

Now I need to start thinking about a Father's Day (this year it's on November 10th) card for my dad. I'm glad I found the present in time, but now I need to work on with the card. I'm just lacking ideas, but I'm sure I'll get one, eventually. Do you also find it difficult to decide what to get for your dads? 

Have a great weekend! 

Friday, 1 November 2013

Wihii - it's November

Christmas is getting closer, which is why I got a bit crazy with Xmas lights. ;)

Letters received:
- Micaela, Spain
- Mari-Liis, Estonia

and sent:
- Almante, Lithuania
- Amit, Israel
- Emilia, Finland