Friday, 31 August 2012


Hello everybody!
I have some good news to tell you. First off all I had a short school today.. It lasted for three hours, and on that time I had to write three essays. It sounds like a long time, but I didn't really finish the third essay. Oh, the subject was health education.
Yesterday my brother fixed my scooter.. Yayy! It had been broken since the beginning of May, so it was great to get to drive it again. My bike also got broken yesterday, so it was very good timing to get the scooter work again.. :p

This week I sent out four letters, and they went to:
- Hyun-ju, South Korea
- Kristina, Lithuania
- Teresa, New Zealand
- Mari-Liis, Estonia

I also got some mail this week,
- a postcard from my pen pal, from Trinidad

Other four postcards are postcrossing cards, which came from Russia, The Netherlands, USA and France. :) I just love the postcard from France.  <3 

This week's letters arrived from: 
- Encarni, Spain 
- Inga-siv, Sweden 
- Hristiyana, Bulgaria 
- Emma, Australia 
- Dimitra, Greece
It's from Spain

A late birthday card from Bulgaria :))

Awesome stamps from Australia

Stamps from Greece

She also sent me two postcards. :)

I'll try to write some letters this weekend, because I know I'll just get busier and busier all the time. BUT first I'll do my math homework and watch last night's episode of Australia's Master Chef. I just love that show! 

See you next time!! =) 

- Tiia

Friday, 24 August 2012

Weekend again :))

Hello everyone! :)
This weekend is going to be great, and very busy. I'll go to our summer cottage again, which is great. BUT I'll need to study a lot, and I hope I could even spend a tiny bit of time for letters. I hope your weekends would be great too, and not as busy as mine!

This week I received only three letters (which is kinda nice, as I don't have much free time to write letters)
- Pamela, Poland
- Hayley, Canada
- Kishan, Guyana

All of those letters came with beautiful stamps, and I also got a postcard from my Canadian pen pal. :) The card from Bibione, Italy came from my Austrian pen pal, who was there on a vacation.

This week I also received four postcrossing cards. They came from Belgium, Russia and Germany x2 (The other German girl also sent me some stamps).

I sent 9 postcrossing cards this week, but for some reason I didn't take photos of them.. :o 
Letters sent to: 
- Emilia, Finland
- Sara, Finland 
- Iina, Finland
- Korina, USA 

See you all next Friday! x) 
- Tiia

Friday, 17 August 2012

First school week

Hej! :)

This week was my first school week after summer vacation. School started on Tuesday at 9 am. Wednesday was already a normal school day with lessons and homework. I have already got tons to do, so I'll be very busy for a while. After one month I'll have my finals of health education and Swedish, so I'll also be busy with studying for them. So, I'm sorry if I don't have much free time to reply to my pen pals' letters. Anyway, I'll reply to all of you, when I have a chance. I always try to reply as soon as I can, I'm sure you all know that. :)

I'm so HAPPY it's a weekend now! I have been waiting for this since the day school started. ;) Today I'll be going to our summer cottage. I'll have a great time there - I'll swim, take a sauna, barbecue, maybe harvest some mushrooms and so. I hope you have great plans for the weekend, too!

The mail update;
Sent to:
- Asena, Turkey
- Julia, Finland
- Sofia, Finland
- Almante, Lithuania
- Joanna, Aruba
- Nastya, Ukraine

Received from:
- Daphne, Hong Kong

I also received three lovely postcards! Two of them came from my pen pals and one is from postcrossing.

From The Netherlands. :)

From my lovely Swedish pen pal <3

My first card from Grenada :))

See how lovely stamps they have in Grenada!! 
Happy weekend for all of you! 
I'll do homework now, and then start to enjoy the weekend! :) 

- Tiia

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Our summer cottage

Heyy! :)
So here is the text about our summer cottage, like I promised. I think I'll tell more via photos than text, so I'll try to find many photos to put here.
We have had it since the year of 2004 (if I remember correctly). My parents built everything there, and I'm so glad they did it. I really love to be there! <3 There I can just relax, swim, take a sauna, barbecue and have fun. :) It's located in my hometown, Hämeenlinna. It's just by a lake called 'Jänisjärvi'. It isn't a very big lake, but it's big enough for me. :) Here are the photos... the buildings need a new paint, which we were supposed to do this summer, but we didn't.. :o I hope you'd like the photos!
We usually eat there, as it's easy to barbecue there.

The cottage :) 

We used to sleep there, when the cottage wasn't ready.

Cottage again. :)


My brother's coke with ice cubes. :)

I try to grow some strawberries there.

My mom harvested some blueberries.

sauna again, well the wall to be exact. 

I have some other photos from there, too.. They are a bit old, but I like them so much, that I'll put them here. :) I hope you'll enjoy them! :DD 

Yep.. This post is full of photos.. I don't know what to tell you about our summer cottage, so feel free to ask me if you have any questions. :)

See ya!