Saturday, 31 May 2014

DAY 2. Picture of myself

I seem to be very slow with going through this 30 DAYS challenge, but here's the second part of it.

So, the second part of the challenge is about taking a picture of yourself and explaining what you've been up to this specific day. Actually, I haven't done a whole lot today. In the morning I finally started writing a letter - it's been like two weeks since I last wrote one. :o Then in the afternoon dad and I went to this graduation party of a family friend. I had a nice time there, as always. For the rest of the day I'm just going to, hopefully, finish the letter that I started and maybe watch a movie. So, just chilling, nothing major coming to me during this evening. 

As you noticed, this week I haven't done a mail post. The simple reason for it, is that I didn't receive anything, and I didn't send anything either. Maybe next week will be more busy when it comes to the mail. 

Saturday, 24 May 2014

A Mail Week in May

Once again a week has passed - why does the time fly pass so quickly?

This week has been a normal week for me, nothing to special has happened. BUT the weather has been incredibly hot, way to hot for me. (: I have a tendency of getting sunburned, instead of tanned, which is annoying!

Getting to the mail part, I was able to send out only one letter this week, which is traveling to:
- Thilini, Sri Lanka

On the contrary, I also received only one letter from:
- Cristine, Austria  --> Thank you for the cute bag!

I did receive some lovely postcrossing cards as well: 

THE NETHERLANDS - who wouldn't love super cute penguins? 




Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Stamps from Olavi: part.2.





















If you know where these stamps are from, please tell me! (:

Saturday, 17 May 2014

2nd mail week of May

Once again week has passed so quickly, which is kinda sad, tho it's nice to have a weekend again. Unfortunately, this week I have been a bit sick, so I'm hoping for the next week to be a bit better!

This week I received only one letter from:
- Joanne, Singapore

and also the postcard that my dad sent from Brazil arrived to its destination even though it took such a long time, about 2 months.

I did send out a few letters as well, they are traveling to: 
- Ilona, Latvia 
- Dora, Hungary 
- Emilia, Finland 

Last but not least, I wanna wish you all a great weekend!! :)

Wednesday, 14 May 2014


On May 10th I attended HCR=Helsinki City Run, which is basically a half marathon, 21 km. It's organized in the capital of Finland, like the name says. This year over 16,000 people attended the event.

Already last fall I decided to attend it, but the motivation went downhill ever since paying the attendance fee. My plan was to practice for it by cross-country skiing a lot during the winter, but it wasn't possible as we didn't get much snow.

My goal wasn't to be fast or to get a good time, I just wanted to get over the finish line! It was a good experience and I'm glad I decided to challenge myself.

Me after the finish line - feeling like a winner!
running shirt
medal ;)
Stuff that I got before the run
Stuff that I got after the run 

Saturday, 10 May 2014

First mail week of May

Just a quick mail post about incoming and outgoing mail. Let's start with the letter that I sent to:
- Almante, Lithuania

And received from:
- Mari-Liis, Estonia
- Thilini, Sri Lanka

Thank you also for the postcard, Mari-Liis! :)

Saturday, 3 May 2014

Sneak Peek

This would normally be a time for a mail post, but as I didn't send out anything, nor received something, there's nothing to show you guys. Like some of you may know, I spent the last few days in Poland with my friend. This is a sneak peak of my trip. :)






More pics and text will follow later on. (: