Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Christmas Preparations

On the previous Sunday (December 6th), we celebrated the Independence Day of Finland. For me that day is always pretty similar as mom and I have created a tradition of baking Christmas cookies & tarts and watching the President's Independence Day Reception on TV. It's also traditional to light up two blue&white candles exactly at 6 pm. 

Baking Christmas cookies.

My Christmas tarts look a bit different this year.

I have been preparing for Christmas and getting myself on a great Christmas mood by: 

1. Making some Christmas cards

2. Admiring a house that is famous for its Christmas lights (in Janakkala, Finland)

3. Staying fond of Christmas lights and other decorations 

4. Being optimistic about getting snow for the Christmas Eve 

This pic was taken before the snow melted away in November

5. Listening to a Christmas Radio Channel, which can be found by clicking: 

Have great Christmas preparations!!