Friday, 21 December 2012

The vacation has started!! =)

Heipähei! =)

I'm so happy today! Yesterday was the last school day before this week and a half long Christmas vacation!
I'm so fond of Christmas - It's my fav. celebration.  I love the food, the decorations, the gifts, the cards, the tree, candles, the guests, music/carols - absolutely everything!

I'll take some photos of Christmas, so that you guys can see how we celebrate Christmas in my family. :) 

This week I received one letter, which arrived from Naomi, Malaysia. =) 

a 3D Christmas card

What a nice key ring. :)

Then I received a cooking book from Poland. 

What a beautiful card =)
This book is full of recipes - I better try some of them soon.

Then I received one postcrossing card from Belarus.

Then I received two Christmas cards from Finland. =) I like Christmas cards very much!

This week I sent out two letters: 
- Daphne, Hong Kong 
- Yujie, China 

I'll try to catch up with the letters -- I have 15 letters to reply, so I sure have catching up to do. 

Have a lovely weekend! Let's wait for Christmas Eve! 

- Tiia

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