Friday, 30 November 2012

Chocolat and Snow

Dear readers,
this week has been full of exams, but now it's finally over. Today I had a Russian exam, and I do not have any idea if I'll pass it or not. I'm sure I'll pass all the other exams, though.

Yesterday I bought two movies on VHS. ~ yeah, I know that hardly anyone uses them anymore, but that's why they were so cheap! :) I bought ' Chocolat' (2000) and 'The Winterguest' (1997). I watched the first one yesterday, and I really liked it - fell in love with it. ;) I got to laugh so much, and my favourite actor. Johnny Depp, was on it.  Here are the trailers, who knows, maybe you'd like them as well.

I received a lovely postcard from Singapore! :)

This card came from Sri Lanka with a letter. I really love elephants. It's said that they bright good luck. :>

This one is from Turkey, though it does kinda look like the Alps. 

Now to the letters... :)) 
Received from: 
- Thilini, Sri Lanka
- Daphne, Hong Kong
- Hyun-Ju, South Korea
- Abdülkadir, Turkey
- Emma, Australia

Of course I sent out some letters, as well. :p 
- Hanta, Madagascar
- Naomi, Malaysia
- Almante, Lithuania
- Emilia, Finland
- Thilini, Sri Lanka

The weather is so great at the moment. :) It's snowing, which looks so beautiful! It will make all the Christmas lights look so pretty as well. I wish it would snow a lot, so that I could go skiing. ;) 
Enjoy the weekend! 

- Tiia

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