Saturday, 5 October 2013

Week 40 '13

Heyyh! :)

I'll start with a mail update this time.

- Emma, Australia
- Abdülkadir, Turkey
- Xiaomin, China
- Yessica, Mauritius
- Dora, Hungary


- Emilia, Finland
- Naomi, Malaysia

On the last weekend I didn't do anything that special, but for some reason I still wasn't able to write many letters. I should catch up with the letters soon, other wise I have a huge pile to reply. hehe.
This weekend has been unexpected, at least so far. On Friday I visited my friend's place, which was great. I got to taste Vietnamese food for the first time. Thanks! We also ate a chocolate cake - I hadn't eaten a warm cake before. And yes, it's unusual for me because I usually stay at home and write letters on Fridays. ;) haha. Today dad and I decided to go make some fire wood at grandma's cottage. I don't know why my weekends don't usually go how I have planned them to go. It's not negative, tho. We'll see what tomorrow brings!

See yah!

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