Saturday, 30 November 2013

Stamps become more expensive :S

On Friday morning I received a message from my mom saying that the prices of stamps will go up at the beginning of January. It was't that big of a surprise because it has been happening a lot lately. It's also understandable that it happens because people don't use that much regular mail anymore. It's a shame! Now people, who use many stamps in a year need to suffer... I was shocked to hear how big the change in the prices will be. One stamp for a letter less than 20 g costs €0.85 now, but in January it will be €1.00 .. .I'm so sad about that! I would prefer the mail people to deliver mail only four times a week instead of the stamps getting so expensive!! I guess this is what happens all around the world, so I should just be ok with it... :S

Anyway, now to the mail update.. The postal people have had some short strikes, so I haven't received many letters. Maybe more letters will arrive next week, as the post should come normally again. :)
This week I received one from:
- Harjyot, India

What a beautiful postcard! :)

sent to:
- Dora, Hungary
- Yessica, Mauritius

On the last Sunday I decided to send some postcrossing cards, and I ended up sending 15. heh. Now I'm looking forward to receiving some cards. If you haven't heard of postcrossing before, go check out their home page: Click here!

Yesterday I made some Christmas cards for my relatives.. I will publish the pics here later on because I don't want people, who will receive them, to see them beforehand. haha. I'm so excited for Christmas!!! :))


  1. 1 euro !!!! yksi merkki ?? ei tuska oikeesti..... :((( that makes me SAD

  2. ja tuo postikortti on ihana :) tulee sellainen olo et haluais itsekin olla tuolla :)

  3. Jeb! Euro on aika paljon yhdestä postimerkistä! :s

    Kiitus! Oon itekki ihan in löv tuohon korttiin. :))