Saturday, 14 June 2014

Today I Am 20!

Today, I'm 20!

It's still difficult for  me to understand how quickly these 20 years have passed. When I was younger, I was always waiting for my next birthday, to get older. At that time, I thought time was moving forward so slow that it seemed like a week was actually a month. Of course, during any holiday I always run out of time.  Now it's the opposite, time seems to fly with wings and I wish I didn't get older so quickly. It takes some time to understand that my age actually starts with a number two. However, I'm not saying that this would be a bad age to be at. I guess and try hard to believe, there are positive aspects in every single age, depending on how you look at them. 

Even though, I'm a big girl, an adult, who has more responsibilities, I'm still the same girl inside, who I was many years back. Someone, who can enjoy life filled with happiness, if I just allow myself to do so. Life is more stressful and there are more things to consider when making any decisions, still it's a beautiful feeling to be able to let go of it sometimes, and simply enjoy and life in the moment. 

For my birthday I 'just' had a party with my relatives, nothing major. Here are some pictures that I want to share with you on my special day.

To end this post; I'm thankful to be 20, and I can imagine a great year ahead of me. :)

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