Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Poland 2014 Part. 1.

You may remember my short post Sneak Peek about my trip to Poland. It's been a while since my trip as it started on April 27th. That day in the afternoon I took a bus to Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, where I had to wait for the flight for a couple of hours. 

Of course, I was nervous to see how this trip would go. It was also rather exciting to go abroad all alone, I mean I was on a language course in UK for three weeks back in 2010 without my family, but I was still traveling with some other Finns at the same age. The only things that I was sure of, was meeting my friend and managing the whole trip with my English. I know my spoken English is not as good as I want it to be, however, it's good enough to survive with. When it was the time to go inside of the plain, I wasn't nervous at all, rather I was excited to see the beautiful sunset up in the air. I was flying with Finnair, and I was happy with my decision.

When I arrived to Krakow, Poland, my dear friend, was there waiting for me. Straight away we went to a town called Lancut, where my friend lives at. That day we were both to tired to do anything major, but on Monday we went to a city called Rzeszow. My friend had to be at school for about 6 hours, during that time I did some shopping and sight-seeing. People say that, for example, clothes are cheaper in Poland compared to Finland, which is true, if you visit stores that don't exist in Finland. hah. I ended up buying lots of stuff on my first day in Poland; a dress, a shoes, two t-shirts, pants, a magazine and some postcards. I ate at Mc. Donald's as it seemed like the safest and easiest choice. Gotta say, food is a whole lot cheaper in Poland if you compare it to Finland! After I was fed up with shopping, I just walked around in Rzeszow. 

I also found this nice park to relax a bit and look at the locals daily life. (: There was also this cute little boy, who had just learned how to walk - it was something that put a smile on my face. 

When it was almost the time to go back to Lancut, I saw a beautiful sunset again. (:

Next time, I will tell you guys about the days and trips in LancutBolestraszyce and Krasiczyn.

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