Saturday, 16 May 2015

Mother's Day Weekend

On the previous weekend we celebrated Mother's Day in Finland (May 10th). I'm aware that it's a global celebration, however, it's celebration day depends on the culture and the country. In Finland it's always the second Sunday of May, tho.

This year we didn't celebrate it the way as we usually do. Normally, I would wake up early and make breakfast for mom. Later on I'd give my self made card to her and we'd drink coffee while eating the cake I had baked. This year everything was different, as we spent the weekend at my granny's place in Hamina. Instead of a cake, I baked a peach pie. We spent the day chilling; went for a walk and just talked a lot. It was a different, yet a nice way to spend the day. :)

I just love all the beauty that I see at my granny's place every time I go there.

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