Thursday, 25 June 2015

Midsummer '15

Midsummer has always been one of the celebrations that I look forward to during each year. It's a time when I get to relax, think nothing and be myself (my true self). This year our celebration started with a day at my granny's place in Hamina. We didn't do much; went out to eat and visited a grave yard. ''Haminan Ristiniemen hautausmaa''

As every summer I also got to admire all the beautiful flowers at my granny's garden. 

Later we headed to our summer cottage in the Eastern Finland. We have spent Midsummer there as long as I can remember and therefore it has become a tradition. I don't know what else to do than go there and celebrate Midsummer with some relatives. I really enjoy their company because they are such relaxed and funny people. I will look forward to meeting them again this summer! 

 On Midsummer day we went on a little car drive and got to see the country side a bit more. 

I hope you are all enjoying this summer! 

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