Sunday, 27 September 2015

I've Donated Blood

Have you donated blood? If not, here's why you should!

You cannot replace blood artificially, therefore you have the possibility to save a patient's life by donating blood. Due to volunteer donors, for example, accident victims, surgical patients, premature babies and cancer patients have better changes of overcoming these health problems. When you donate blood, the blood is divided into red cells, plasma and platelets, which means you can help three people (!!) with only one blood donation.

If you want to donate blood, you should check where, when and who can do it in your country! I believe donating blood is an easy way to help other people. At least give it a go, and see how you feel afterwards!

As mentioned on the headline, I donated blood for the first time ever on September 25th, 2015. I have been thinking about doing it since I turned 18, and it has been a part of my bucket list for quite some time already. I do not know why I have not done it earlier, perhaps I was scared how it would feel or how it would affect me. In the beginning of this year I was about to give it a go, but I could not do it due to living in Greece for some months during the year of 2014. I thought about doing it during the summer as well, but decided not to, because my work was physically quite demanding. Besides, you can donate blood only twice a month in my town, Hämeenlinna, so it is all about finding the suitable day for yourself.

This Friday I got my nerves together and went to donate blood. I cannot say it would have been a good experience, but I feel good because I was able to help three other people. My visit to the blood donation location took two hours because I read through all available info very carefully and I had some problems getting up after the blood was donated. I was feeling rather dizzy for about an hour after the donation, so the nurses kept on bringing me something to drink and eat. The blood donation itself did not hurt, just felt in a weird way. I suppose I should have eaten more before the donation even though I ate quite well at school on the same day, to avoid the feeling of dizziness. The unstable feeling did not last for long, which means I am willing to give the blood donation another try. If the second time goes the same as the first one, I will need to think more carefully about blood donation and if it is the best way for me to help other people in need.

Who's in? Let's donate some blood!!


  1. Kannattaa muutaman edeltävän päivän syödä vähän tuhdimmin ja nukkua pitkät yöunet niin heikotus vähenee. Normaalia on tosin makailla semmotteet kymmenisen minuuttia luovutuksen jälkeen ja tuntee olo hieman heikommaks lopun päivää.

    1. Kiitos kommentista! Luinkin jälkikäteen vinkkejä, mitä kannattaisi tehdä seuraavan kerran, kun suunnittelee verenluovutusta.