Monday, 30 January 2017

My Journey to Lithuania

As mentioned in the first post this year, I wanted to create a post about my journey to Lithuania even though it's been almost a year since I traveled. The main reason for it is that the memories will be always available for myself as I can check the blog. Furthermore, I want to show the beauty of Lithuania through the pictures I took, as well as tell you why it would be such a good destination for your next travel. 

On my way from Helsinki, Finland to Vilnius, Lithuania.

During every single flight, I can't stop myself from taking a look out from the window and taking a few pictures given that the weather is good enough. I don't know why, but perhaps it has got something to do with the fact of it being something rather unique, which doesn't happen every day - not even every month. 

The flight was very short, I believe the second shortest flight during my travels. It was a morning, when the plane landed in Vilnius, where one of my long-term pen pals, Almante, was waiting for me. Straight away she helped me to get myself a bus card and then we headed to her home. We didn't stay long as the plan for the first day was to do some shopping. Hence, we went to a shopping center close-by, where I found some lovely clothes. 

Trakai Castle

Always bring a lovely umbrella, so that you can take great pictures.

On the second day we took a train to the town of Trakai. It's a lovely place full of cute streets with wooden houses and of course, the Trakai castle. We didn't go inside, however, we wondered around it and took several pictures. It's totally something worth seeing, when traveling to Vilnius, as it's so close and easy to reach.

The third morning was spent for quickly taking a look at Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. It was a quick look, because we headed to a botanical garden. To be honest, it wasn't really my cup of the, because I'm not such a gardener even though I have worked on a grave yard three summers in a row. That being said, it was spring, so I believe it could have been much more beautiful some weeks later. 

When traveling elsewhere in Europe, I tend to find myself visiting multiple churches. I suppose, it's because I find churches abroad much more decorated compared to the Finnish ones. Hence, most of the fourth traveling day was spent visiting churches and walking around the capital.

During the same day we also climbed on two sightseeing hills, which were very close to each other. It was relatively easy to go on top of those, because the view was the motivator for the journey. I was hoping for a better weather, however, I still enjoyed the view.

On the last day we didn't do much, because I had some packing to do and we had to make sure of me catching the flight. I liked the destination as it was somewhat similar to Finland, yet so different. I also want to say thanks for Almante for hosting me - it meant so much, thank you! 

What comes to Vilnius, and Lithuania as a whole, I'd say it's a fantastic destination, where everything seems to work and the prices are reasonable (rather cheap compared to what I have gotten used to in Finland). If you are wondering about something, please ask, however, I have to apologize for not remembering exact names for the churches and other specific places. 

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