Tuesday, 11 April 2017

What Makes Me Happy This Spring?

On the previous weeks I have seen several blog posts and Instagram stories about what makes people happy in a week, in a month, today or during the whole year. That's why I wanted to create a post about what makes me happy this spring. The credits for this idea go to my dear Hungarian pen pal, who wrote about the things that made her happy in March. You can see her post and amazing traveling themed blog HERE.

Ain't this dog the cutest?

As you may well know, I'm fond of winter, because there are so many things that I enjoy, e.g. cross-country skiing, ice-swimming, SNOW, Christmas and the atmosphere in general. That doesn't mean that I would like spring any less, because it means warm & sunny days, blossoming flowers, grass getting green again, summer approaching and for some reason I tend to me more quick with my correspondence replies during this season. 

Tampere, Finland on March 18th, 2017

One day I was biking back home from the gym and thinking about how warm the weather was. You were truly able to feel the spring arriving. It reminded me of my childhood, because when spring came I was so eager to get out my summer clothes and be able to use my bicycle again. Nowadays I bike all year round, but not back then. I suppose my biggest excitement came from the ground drying so that we were able to build the trampoline on our backyard. However, now it's enough to see the beauty of the spring, hear the birds singing and be able to grow some herbs on your own. 

In the center of Tampere on March 18th, 2017

My boyfriend has a natural talent for taking photos, don't you think so?

Naturally, spending time with my boyfriend makes me happy. One day in March my boyfriend and I went to Tampere, which is a rather big town in a Finnish scale of things. There we had dinner at a lovely old restaurant, where the food was delicious even though the portion was way too large. Later we walked around the center of Tampere. I haven't personally visited the town that often, because I have never really liked it. When I was younger I tended to navigate towards Helsinki (our capital), when I wanted to do some shopping at a bigger place. To my surprise, this day changed my opinion on Tampere as now I definitely want to see and discover more of it. We ended the day by seeing ''Kong: Skull Island'' at the cinema. I have to say the movie was somewhat interesting, but also relatively weird, so I don't know what to think of it. 

Lately, I have also been happy with my correspondence status, because I have been able to catch up with the letters that have been waiting to be replied. As of today, I have only two letters to answer to and they are from Emilia (Finland) & Thilini (Sri Lanka, tho currently living in Japan). I wish to finish these letters within this week as well. 

Food can make you happy if it's delicious and doesn't affect your motivation
towards your fitness goals. This tasty cake was eaten at ''Antiikki
Kahvila Siiri'' in Lempäälä on April 1st, 2017.

What makes me happy are the celebrations of the spring - the nearest one being Easter. I'm not a religious person, but I still enjoy decorating my home for different celebrations. This year I took out only some of the decorative items, but I still have to change our red curtains to more colourful ones to match the season.


Remember that there are always things that make you happy if you just 
learn the talent to notice the tiny things we face each day!


  1. Wow, lovely weather, you seems to have good day out there and yes Happy Easter to you as well. Thank you for sharing such lovely post

  2. It's always nice to know that someone is interested in these posts. Hope you had a nice day! :)