Friday, 14 September 2012

Friday 14th


It's time for a mail update again. :) I didn't get much mail this week. I only got two postcards by postcrossing and four letters. I'm glad about it because I have 10 letters waiting for to be replied now, and I still need to wait next Friday, when I can write letters again. I'm NOT really waiting for it because I'll have the final exams before it. This weekend I'll be studying like crazy. I hope your weekend would be much better than mine! :)

I received letters from:
- Almante, Lithuania
- Xiaomin, China
- Kristina, Lithuania
- Jeanne, Hong Kong

Amazing Chinese stamp :)

Some stamps from Hong Kong

A nice Lithuanian stamp

This handmade envelope is very pretty!  Thanks Almante! =)

Three postcards also from Almante. I love them all! :>

The postcrossing cards came from USA and The Netherlands. I especially love the second one. :)

A vintage penguin card from USA.

This is just so beautiful postcard. :))
Have a great weekend!! :D

- Tiia

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