Friday, 7 September 2012

Friday again, really?

  Hey! :))

This week went really quickly. I guess it's because I studied, wrote letters and watched TV. hahha! I hope this weekend won't go as quickly, although I'll be studying, writing letters and watching TV. x)

My final exams of health education and Swedish are approaching. :S They'll be way too soon. I need to study a lot for them, so that's why I'll need to take a break from letters. I won't be writing any letters between September 10th and 21st. My Swedish final is on 21st, so when I get back home, I'll write at least one letter. I hope I won't have like 20 letters to reply after those two weeks, because my exam week will be coming up soon after the finals.

During the last week I was doing a letter writing marathon.. xD

The letters were sent to:
- Yujie, China
- Naomi, Malaysia
- Daphne, Hong Kong
- Christine, Austria
- Joanne, Singapore
- Pamela, Poland
- Encarni, Spain
- Briana, USA
- Hayley, Canada
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~> Too bad I wasn't able to write the 10th one yesterday.. :p

I also received quite many letters this week, which came from:
- Emilia, Finland
- Lütfiye, Turkey
- Silvina, Argentina
- Julia, Finland
- Yessica, Mauritius
- Ga Yeon, South korea

a stamp from South Korea

Many stamps from my Argentinean pen pal. :) 

From Finland

See the lovely sticker :>

A new stamp from Mauritius. <3

a beautiful card from TURKEY 
This week I also received five postcrossing cards, which came from France, Honk Kong, Russia, Belarus and Belarus (The person lives in Belgium, but she sent the card from Belarus). There are also two great stamps; the first one is from Honk Kong and the other one from Belarus.

Once again I'm wishing you all a very great weekend!! :D 
~~ Tiia

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