Saturday, 12 January 2013

2nd week '13

Heyy! :)
Once again a week has passed since my last update. So here's what I got and sent this week. :)
This week I posted letters to:
- Abdülkadir, Turkey
- Hristiyana, Bulgaria
- Li Xin, China
- Dora, Hungary
- Sabrina, Italy

I also received four letters, which came from:
- Kishan, Guyana
- Amit, Israel
- Ilona, Latvia
- Hayley, Canada

My Israeli pen pal sent me two great cards with the letter; one from Haifa and the other one is a greeting card. Then I also received a Christmas card from my Spanish friend and an amazing view card from my dad.

There were some beautiful stamps on the letters and cards this time. :) I especially love the one from Latvia. 

So, have a nice weekend! =) 

- Tiia

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