Saturday, 19 January 2013

3rd week '13

Heyyy! :)

Yesterday we had such a freezing weather. It was -25 Celsius degrees when I woke up. :o I'm glad I got a ride to school, otherwise I would have been freezing. haha. It was only -19 Celsius when I got back home, though. I like these cold days because the sun usually shines when it's cold outside and then everything looks so pretty! :)
Here are two pics of my window.. heh. ~ quite pretty.

This week I sent out letters to: 
- Asena, Turkey
- Emilia, Finland
- Matt, USA 
- Xiaomin, China
- Hayley, Canada

Only two letters arrived this week. They came from: 
- Emma, Australia
- Emilia, Finland (See how fast her reply was ;p)

Have a lovely weekend! 

- Tiia

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