Friday, 1 March 2013

9th week :)

Hellooo! :)

This time I want to start with a photo that I took some days back in the morning. It didn't come out as well as I wanted it to be. In life the sky was really beautiful.. ~  There are also two pictures of some artwork that my mom and grandmother made yesterday. :)

This week I have been quite busy. I haven't done much, only studied and went skiing. My mom, brother and I also spent a few days in Hamina, at my grandmother's place. We enjoyed each others company, watched TV (a lot of winter sports, like skiing and ski-jumping) and talked a lot. We came back home today, which mean that I need to study really hard tomorrow and on Sunday. Hopefully I still have some time for skiing and for letters. ;) Last Tuesday I also heard some great news! I was so happy when I heard that I got a summer job for the next summer. :) Wihiiii! I will be packing up strawberries for four weeks (for 20 days to be exact). 

Then to the mail update. As usual I was able to sent out some letters, to: 
- Florencia, Uruguay
- Ga Yeon, South Korea
- Joanne, Singapore
- Hyun Jeong, South Korea

Yessss! I received some letters, too: 
- Naomi, Malaysia
- Jeanne, Hong Kong
- Mari-Liis, Estonia
- Emma, Australia
- Daphne, Hong Kong 

a Lunar New Year card 

Enjoyyy the weekend, and every single day of your life! :) 

- Tiia

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