Saturday, 23 February 2013

8th week '13

Hello everybody! :)

I hope you are doing great! This week I had two exams at school, but they weren't the finals yet. I also got the results of the listening comprehension tests. They aren't the real results, but still! From Russian I got 68/90, which is very good, I think. I usually got around 50 when we practiced it at school. xD From English I got 83/90, which really surprised me. I thought I did really bad, but it went so much better than I though. :)) Now I won't have finals until the second week of March. 
That's enough of school... Let's talk about something more interesting like letters. ;) 

This week I received quite many letters: 
- Amit, Israel
- Lütfiye, Turkey
- Hyun Jeong, South Korea
- Ga Yeon, South Korea
- Joanne, Singapore

a nice stamp from Israel
Such a beautiful bookmark and a necklace 
a notebook, some chocolates (I think) and coffee from S.Korea :)
a Singaporean stamp
The next five stamps are from South Korea, and I absolutely love all of them! :)

I'm sure you would like to know to whom I have sent letters to as well, so here it goes.. 
- Yessica, Mauritius
- Sabatina, Indonesia
- Ayaka, Japan
- Dora, Hungary
- Emilia, Finland

Enjoy this weekend and have fun! =) 

- Tiia

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