Saturday, 11 May 2013

Another week has passed :))

Hello! :)

It's a weekend again. - Time flies by so quickly.. :o My week wasn't very interesting. I just stayed at home, studied, watched TV and wrote letters. haha. And a week ago, on Sunday, I learned how to change car tires. :p

Last week I forgot to mention that I sent out two first letters to:
- Kenesta, Trinidad and Tobago
- Micaela, Spain

And this week letters went to:
- Amit, Israel
- Emilia, Finland
- Almante, Lithuania

This week my mail box wasn't very full, at least not full of letters and postcards.
I received one postcard from Germany.

And letters arrived from: 
- Catarina, Portugal
- Dora, Hungary

Yesterday evening it was hailing so much.. :o It was interesting to look at. ;) Of course I went out to take some photos. :p

Enjoy the weekend! 

- Tiia

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