Friday, 7 June 2013

First week of June =)

It's SUMMER!!!
The weather has been so lovely this week! This post will be a short one, too, because I feel like writing more letters. Tomorrow I will attend an event called Military Run. Mom and I are doing it just for laugh. I bet it will be an interesting experience.

This week I received letters from:
- Emilia, Finland
- Mari-Liis, Estonia
- Emma, Australia
- Micaela, Spain
- Dora, Hungary

This is a birthday present from Australia. :) Thank you so much! <3

As usual I sent out some letters, too: 
- Ayaka, Japan
- Li Xin, China
- Ida, Norway
- Harjyot, India
- Mari-Liis, Estonia 

Some flower pictures. =) ENJOY THE SUMMER! 

- Tiia

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