Tuesday, 11 June 2013

My graduation on June 1st

I got to know my exam results on the May 17th. I was super nervous and excited for them. In the end I the results were good and I'm happy about them. That day it became sure that I would graduate on the June 1st, 2013. That day it was raining in the morning, so I was a bit worried about everything. The morning was busy because we had so much to do. 
The graduation ceremony started at 10 am and lasted for about two hours. The place, where it was hold, was so hot - I bet the air-conditioner wasn't working properly, if it was working at all. It was a nice ceremony, but it was still nice to get outside, where the sun had started to shine. It became a beautiful day! 

Then we continued the celebration at dad's place, in Iittala. I was glad that most of the guests came. We didn't do anything special, just had a great time together. 

I received some gifts and many cards. :) 

I also got some roses, but the photos aren't that good. 

That day was great. I had lots of fun! :) 
Thank you for everyone that has congratulated me!

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