Tuesday, 25 February 2014

The holiday has started!!

As I mentioned in my previous post, the winter vacation has finally started - the much needed vacation!

On Friday evening we headed to Hamina, a town in the South-East of Finland, close to the Russian boarder. There we were at my grandma's place. We didn't do anything that special; watched TV, talked a lot and went out to eat at a restaurant called 'Rosso' (I have heard it means red in Italian)... I also wrote a few letters and visited the new swimming hall there. I must say this new one is like super great compared to the old one. It's much bigger and lighter! There were many Russians as the swimming hall is situated with a hotel. haha. Anyway, yesterday we arrived back to Hämeenlinna and now I have some free time for writing letters and just relaxing. Yay!

Thank you Amit for the apple tea!!

I was actually going to make this post in a video form but, unfortunately, I became sick. I lost my voice (well, not entirely, but still.) and my throat hurts. .. It's like super annoying to be sick during a holiday! I hope to get better soon - before this winter break ends!

Ending this post with a joke pic of me being sick. ahhha.

- I don't normally wear the scarf in my head -


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