Saturday, 8 March 2014

Day through pictures - part1

Hello! :) I wanted to try out a new way to get some content on my blog. I hope you enjoy these pictures, I may do more posts like this. 

The day started by hearing the rain against the roof. It was so grey outside, cloudy and windy also. Breakfast was first and then reading our newspaper called 'Hämeen Sanomat'. 

Who would have guessed the weather changing to something like this. It felt like a real spring day even though spring is some weeks early this year. 

We had a lovely flower on the table. ;)

Mom was cooking some weird food.. I don't like this one as it includes anchovy... I ate similar casserole, but there was ham instead of those anchovy's pieces..

Next was time for writing a letter to Australia. During this week I didn't send out any letters, so I was glad to finally be writing a letter. I could also mention that one letter arrived to me this week. It was from Dora, Hungary, tho currently living in Finland.

Time for jogging. The weather was lovely, tho a bit too windy. hahh. 

Coffee-time with blueberry pie. 

Then watching some sports from TV, including the Para Olympics. I'm not sure how I spent the time after that, but before starting this post I ate ice cream. hehh.

Nice Saturday evening everyone!! :)


  1. What a lovely idea! Hope to see more such posts from you :)

    1. Nice to hear some positive feedback! :)