Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Where to find me?


As some of you already know, I also visit some other pages almost every day.

If you wish to ask me questions or simply follow me, I can be found from I'm open to any questions in Finnish, English or Swedish. Surely, you can also ask questions in Russian, but I'm not sure how well I can answer to those questions.

I have also been a some-what-active user of InterPals for a few years now. Feel free to send me a message there, or comment my pics. However, please, don't ask me to be your friend before sending me a message. 

I'm also taking part to this project called 'postcrossing'.. I don't know if you find this any useful, but my profile can be found here.

If you wish to send me a private message, you can send it to my e-mail. I will reply all the messages that have a clever-sounding headline as I don't want to get any virus on my laptop. 

Of course, you may also follow my blog and comment my posts here! I would be very happy to get more readers here. :) 

If you want to get one more reader for your blog, or maybe someone to ask you questions, let me know. :)

To my current pen pals: if you are using Facebook or WhatsApp and we aren't friends there yet, just send me a message!

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