Monday, 1 September 2014

Poland 2014 Part. 3.

Today I’m wrapping up the series of my trip to Poland. Here you can read the other parts, if you haven’t read them earlier: PART 1. and PART 2.

I love the architecture in Poland!

On Thursday morning (May 1st) my friend and I woke up at 1 am in order to catch a bus going to Krakow. I’m not used to waking up so early, after only about 2 hours of sleep, so it was difficult for me. I was still able to do, and glad about the fact that we ended up using a train. It was funny to buy the tickets from the railway station, as I couldn't even dream of the personnel selling tickets at that time in Finland. 

We were planning on going to Zakopane that day, but all the buses were full due the public holiday in Poland. Instead we ended up walking around Krakow and getting to know the city. Too bad, most of the stores were closed; however, it was still nice to do sight-seeing. Besides, I had already done enough shopping on the 1st day in Poland. 

In Krakow we saw one more castle called ‘Wawel’, which looked more of the kind of a castle that I thought they should look like. We didn't go inside, but we walked around it and later sat in front of the river called ‘Wisla’.

During the same day we also went to an air plane museum, which was nice, though my legs were killing me after all the walking. 

That evening was the first time for me to try couch-surfing. We stayed at a Finnish girl’s home. She had moved to Poland due to her work. I must say it was a good experience, though I wish we could have spent some more time with her.

On my last day in Poland, we finally went to Zakopane. It's a beautiful winter sports' village with quite many tourists. The bus drive there took quite long, but the scenery was nice almost the whole way. 

I absolutely loved seeing the Tatry mountains, as I don't see them in Finland. Too bad, we didn't have enough time to climb. However, we walked around the beautiful town, also on the main street called 'Krupowki'. 

Got to see a ski jumping hill, which would have been even more amazing during winter. 

Barbara and me! :)

This is the last time I’m blogging about my trip to Poland.  Somehow I have been showing more pictures than written text, but I guess that’s simply my style. I’m not that good with words, but I believe through all the pictures you can get a taste of Poland. I had so much fun during the trip, and I can warmly recommend everyone to visit Poland! I hope you have liked reading about my experiences. THANK YOU! :) 

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