Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Reflecting Last Summer

Back in April I wrote down the things I wanted to achieve this summer. Next Summer
Now I'm going to reflect what I actually did.

Travel somewhere, outside of Finland
- I went to Poland 27.4.-2.5.2014. Had a great time there! 

Write as many letters as possible 
- I ended up writing less letters than I thought, which makes me feel sad, like I would have neglected my dearest hobby of all time. 

Spend as much time as possible on summer cottages 
- I spend lots of time at our summer cottage because we were painting the outdoor walls. I absolutely love spending time at a summer cottage! 

Meet friends that I haven't seen for a long time
- I did hang out with friends, tho not as much as I was planning to. 

Read at least one book
- I read zero books during the summer. Oops. 

Watch all my favourite movies
- Watched my favourite Finnish movie twice; 'Tyttö sinä olet tähti'.

Earn some money
- I worked 3.5 months on a grave yard, both in Kalvola and Hämeenlinna. 

Wake up early enough to see the beautiful summer mornings
- I woke up quite early every week day morning, but didn't really see the sunrise. 

No stress about anything, please 
- There were things that I stressed about, but mainly I was having fun and enjoying the summer.

Learn how to use a chainsaw 
- No, I didn't even try to use it.

Attend running events and get over the finish line
- Helsinki City Run, May 10th
- Military Run, June 7th

Pick up berries and mushrooms
- I didn't go to pick up any berries nor mushrooms. 

Stay up for a whole night
- On Midsummer I got pretty close to it. 

Swim in a lake and sea
- I swam in a lake a lot, and once in the sea. 

Eat a lot of ice cream
- There's no doubt of me not eating ice cream.

Laugh a lot
- Laughing is a part of me, couldn't live without laugh.

Go outside when it's raining 
- Yeah, I had to work in the rain on the grave yards. 

Look through all the photo albums that we have and take many new pictures 
- Check! 

Change the wallpapers in my room
- I did renovate my room during the summer :) 

Get an acceptance to be an exchange student during the fall semester
- I'm going to be in Thessaloniki, Greece from Sept 27th to Feb 2nd. 

Try out new recipes
- I didn't really bake or cook that much. 

Not to get sunburned
- Like this could ever happen, I always get sunburned at some point. 

Meet my relatives
- Of course, I had some nice moments with my relatives

Celebrate my birthday in a nice way
- Had a small party at my dad's. 

Start doing biking trips with my new bicycle
- This didn't happen due to being so busy after work and all other things that I had to do. 


- I had a great summer and I was happy even though it was full of ups and downs. 


  1. ihana uus tapetti :)! ja sit mietin vaa noita päivämääriä enkuks et eiks kuukausi tuu eka ja sit päivä? :)

    1. Kiitos! :) kyllähän se kuukausi tulee ekana juu. :D

    2. mut siis ku oot kirjottanu ton puolassa olo ajan suomalaisittain et tajuuko ulkomaalaset mitä se tarkottaaa ?

    3. Jep, laitoin sen suomalaisittain. :) ajattelin sen olevan suht ymmärrettävä kun ei kumminkaan ole 27 kuulautta ja näin. :D