Friday, 16 September 2016

Wisdom Teeth Removal - I Survived

So yeah, as the headline explains, I have gone through wisdom teeth removal operation. AND survived from it! haha. 

Actually, the story starts in the beginning of the year (2016), when I began to wonder whether or not my wisdom teeth are causing the slight pain in my mouth. Naturally, I called to the local health center, which offers municipal dentist services. I got the check-up time rather quickly, which was a pleasant surprise. Interestingly, there was nothing wrong with my teeth, however, the dentist suggested it would make sense to remove them now as they may cause trouble in the future. Personally, I believe they are easier to be removed when you are young. This information is not necessarily accurate, however, it is what I have heard and experienced. 

My right side's wisdom teeth were removed in April and the left side at the beginning of September. I wasn't very nervous when going to see the dental surgeon on the first time because I was unware of what to expect. To my surprise the operation itself went smoothly, but the pain was noticed for putting the local anesthetic. I would say that I can handle relatively high amount of pain, thus I didn't take any painkillers after the operation. The taste of blood was unpleasant on the operation day, though. It was also annoying not to be able to eat any solids or warm dishes, nor drink anything hot. The dentist suggested eating lots of ice cream, so that's what I did. Moreover, I was unallowed to exercise or take a sauna for three days, which was annoying. What made me crazy was the rule of not brushing your teeth for 24 hours after the operation - I'm kinda addicted to brushing my teeth at least twice a day. haha.

The left side's operation was similar to the first one, however, I was a whole lot more nervous. Anyhow, the operation itself was quicker and smoother than the first one. On both of the times, I had to wait about a week after the operation to be able to open my mouth properly. The stitches were also gone within two weeks. Overall, the whole process was more straightforward than what I expected, but still I'm super glad it's over. Now I don't need to think about my wisdom teeth anymore. Wohoo. 

What kind of experiences have you had with your wisdom teeth?


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