Sunday, 12 August 2012

Our summer cottage

Heyy! :)
So here is the text about our summer cottage, like I promised. I think I'll tell more via photos than text, so I'll try to find many photos to put here.
We have had it since the year of 2004 (if I remember correctly). My parents built everything there, and I'm so glad they did it. I really love to be there! <3 There I can just relax, swim, take a sauna, barbecue and have fun. :) It's located in my hometown, Hämeenlinna. It's just by a lake called 'Jänisjärvi'. It isn't a very big lake, but it's big enough for me. :) Here are the photos... the buildings need a new paint, which we were supposed to do this summer, but we didn't.. :o I hope you'd like the photos!
We usually eat there, as it's easy to barbecue there.

The cottage :) 

We used to sleep there, when the cottage wasn't ready.

Cottage again. :)


My brother's coke with ice cubes. :)

I try to grow some strawberries there.

My mom harvested some blueberries.

sauna again, well the wall to be exact. 

I have some other photos from there, too.. They are a bit old, but I like them so much, that I'll put them here. :) I hope you'll enjoy them! :DD 

Yep.. This post is full of photos.. I don't know what to tell you about our summer cottage, so feel free to ask me if you have any questions. :)

See ya!


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