Friday, 31 August 2012


Hello everybody!
I have some good news to tell you. First off all I had a short school today.. It lasted for three hours, and on that time I had to write three essays. It sounds like a long time, but I didn't really finish the third essay. Oh, the subject was health education.
Yesterday my brother fixed my scooter.. Yayy! It had been broken since the beginning of May, so it was great to get to drive it again. My bike also got broken yesterday, so it was very good timing to get the scooter work again.. :p

This week I sent out four letters, and they went to:
- Hyun-ju, South Korea
- Kristina, Lithuania
- Teresa, New Zealand
- Mari-Liis, Estonia

I also got some mail this week,
- a postcard from my pen pal, from Trinidad

Other four postcards are postcrossing cards, which came from Russia, The Netherlands, USA and France. :) I just love the postcard from France.  <3 

This week's letters arrived from: 
- Encarni, Spain 
- Inga-siv, Sweden 
- Hristiyana, Bulgaria 
- Emma, Australia 
- Dimitra, Greece
It's from Spain

A late birthday card from Bulgaria :))

Awesome stamps from Australia

Stamps from Greece

She also sent me two postcards. :)

I'll try to write some letters this weekend, because I know I'll just get busier and busier all the time. BUT first I'll do my math homework and watch last night's episode of Australia's Master Chef. I just love that show! 

See you next time!! =) 

- Tiia


  1. Vilnius card from Russia?:-O
    that train card is gorgeous, I never got anything like that on postcrossing.

  2. Yeah! I guess the person bought it from her trip, and decided to send it later on via postcrossing. :)
    I like the train card, too. :>