Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Selfmade envelopes

Heyyyja! :)

Last weekend I didn't really feel like writing letters, though I wrote one on Friday. hehe. Instead I cleaned up my room. omg, it took me ages to do it. I'm not saying it because my room was in a mess, because it wasn't. It just took so long because I decided to organize everything again. blaah. I also checked out my old  school notebooks and books that I didn't need anymore. I threw a big pile of them away. I also decided to get rid of some old magazines. I won't throw them away, I'll give them to a shop that sells them forward, and the money goes for those in need. During the weekend I also made some envelopes, as I found so many papers that I had saved to make envelopes of. I still have enough papers to make more envelopes, but now I really need to study for the entrance exams. I'll have the entrance exam for 'international business' on April 24th, which is too soon. For it I need to study ''Fiskars Annual Report 2011''......

Btw, they start showing 'TRUE BLOOD' on TV next Thursday again, and I can't waaaaiiit. :) 

I hope you have a nice week! 

- Tiia

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