Friday, 26 April 2013

Week 17

Hello my dear readers! :)

I hope you have had a nice week! I have enjoyed this week a lot after Wednesday. That day I had the entrance exam for international business. It was hold in Valkeakoski, which is a lovely small town surrounded by many lakes. It's very beautiful there, especially during the summer. I have no idea how I did on the exam, tho. At the beginning of this week I saw the first flowers at our back yard this year. I think they look quite pretty. :)

So, now to the letters. ;) 
This week I sent out letters to: 
- Harjyot, India
- Asena, Turkey
- Emma, Australia
- Emilia, Finland
- Sabrina, Italy

and received one letter from: 
- Ilona, Latvia

I was also lucky enough to find six postcards from the mail box. :) 






Have a nice weekend! :) 

- Tiia

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