Friday, 9 August 2013

Summer-ish stuff ;)

Heyyh you all!
Yesterday I had my last day at work, so now I'm free. :) I just can't wait to get my salary, tho I need to spend it for my studies.
One day I went biking with my mom. We went for around 15 km. It was such a nice day for doing something like that. We stopped by at a nice cafe, and just enjoyed the beautiful day. :) Here are some photos that I took.

Like I mentioned in my last post, a week ago I also spent some days at out summer cottage; first with my mom and brother, and then with my dad. I forgot to show you guys the photos, tho there aren't many. 

There were two moose.....

This week I didn't write that many letters because I was so busy. I worked and was at summer cottage in Ylämaa. We spent three days at the cottage. Some other relatives were there as well, which was nice. I got to take some photos.

This is my godmother's dog called RIIA :)

Now back to the letters. :) 
This week I received two letters from: 
- Dora, Hungary 
- Emma, Australia 

and sent out two: 
- Naomi, Malaysia 
- Emilia, Finland 

Today we'll go to my aunt's birthday party. haha. :) 
See yah! 

- Tiia

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