Friday, 16 August 2013

Week 33 '13

Another week has passed so quickly! 
A week ago on Friday we celebrated my aunt's birthday. we had dinner at a lovely restaurant. It was like an old building (I love old houses!) renovated into a restaurant. It was funny that the power went out for two hours. It sure was an interesting experience to go to the toilet in candle light. :) 

Then from Monday to Thursday I was at grandma's summer cottage in Kalvola, which is a part of Hämeenlinna nowadays. I was there with my grandma. Together we had a great time. :) We made some firewood, took a sauna (she has a smoke sauna there) and just laughed a lot.. :) 

This week I received only one letter from Micaela, Spain. 
I also found a postcard from Poland from the mail box. :) 

Stamps for this week. 

This week I sent out three letters, to: 
- Amit, Israel 
- Julia, Finland
- Ayaka, Japan 

See yah! 

- Tiia

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