Friday, 2 August 2013

Week 31 '13

Heyyh! :)
On the last Saturday I went to our summer cottage with my mom and brother. There we did all usual things, such as took a sauna, swam a lot (I have to say the water is starting to get colder), barbecued and enjoyed the time there. I did a lot of work, too. I washed windows, cleaned etc. I still had lots of fun during those two days! The funny thing is that I went there with dad the next day. We did fire wood together. It was kinda tiring, but it was nice to spend some time with dad. He is such a busy person! Or this summer I was the busy one with my job and all.

This week I received one postcard from my English pen pal, who was visiting the US.

I also received some letters from:
- Ga Yeon, South Korea
- Laura, Puerto Rico - USA
- Julia, Finland
- Mari-Liis, Estonia

sent letters to: 
- Ilona, Latvia
- Ga Yeon, South Korea
- Laura, England 
- Laura, Puerto Rico - USA
- Sabrina, Italy
- Mari-Liis, Estonia 

Tomorrow I'll go to work, but then I'll have some days off. I hope I could reply to some letters, and catch up with them, then. :) 
Have a nice weekend! 

- Tiia

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