Thursday, 26 December 2013


It's the second Xmas day today, so I thought this is the perfect time for writing a Christmas post. Last year I didn't have a chance to do it because I left it too late. What can I say? I learned from my mistakes! :) 

I will start with a picture of a postcard that I forgot to show you last time. :) It's very pretty, I think. 

I started waiting for Xmas a long time ago. It's my favourite celebration! At the end of October I got first Xmas lights from the storage. Then when time went on I put more and more lights to our house. When December came all the lights were decorating our home, except for the lights of Xmas tree. 

Looking for Xmas trees....

We don't really celebrate advent in my family, but we do light up advent candles. It's like a nice tradition. I also had a calendar this year. :) Usually I have had chocolate calendars, but I didn't want one this year. 
On the last Saturday dad, brother and I went to grandma's forest to get a Xmas tree. There used to be MANY suitable trees, but now they are so high! It took us a while to walk through the forest and look for two perfect ones. heh. Eventually we found good ones. :) 

 Xmas tree at my dad's: 

My dad made the decoration when he was little. :)

And at mom's: 


Usually Christmas is celebrated on 24th in Finland. As every year grandma and her man came to our place for dinner. We talked a lot, ate delicious Xmas food and opened presents. + enjoyed each others company, of course! 

Our dessert :)

On the first Xmas day my brother and I went to dad's and celebrated again. ;) First we drank some GLÖGI, played our new board game (I absolutely love board games!!), ate and took a sauna. In the evening we watched a movie called 'Ice Age 4'.. It was as nice as the previous ones were. :)



Some presents that I got. :) 
A lovely necklace from my Polish friend :)
A gift from my sweet Finnish pen pal :)
You should try out this game!
Letter sets are always welcome!
I absolutely love this necklace! <3

Two more plates to my collection!
A heart rate monitor from dad - Now I definitely need to start doing more sports! 
My Christmas celebration has been lovely this year. I hope you all have had a great Christmas as well. And if you don't celebrate it, I hope you'll enjoy the celebrations that you do have in your culture. :) 

Here I will add some more Xmas pics, mostly of postcards. 

P.S. Congratulations to those, who read this whole post! ;))


  1. ihana postaus :) ja toiv tykkäsit lahjasta <3 katsoin sanakirjasta niin tuo glögi ois engl. 'gluhwein' ootko kuullut ? kirjoittele pian :) ihania kirjepapereita myös! :P

    1. Oii, kiitos. :) Lahja on ihana - söin jo noi suklaat. :D Nyt viikonloppuna ajattelin sulle vastailla. ;) En oo kyllä ikinä kuullut tollasesta sanasta, aikas jännä.