Monday, 21 April 2014

DAY 1. Next summer

I decided to start doing this 30 Days Challenge today as the first step is to tell my plans for the next summer and as the summer is just around the corner, I though this would be the perfect time for it. :)

Just to let you know, this year I define summer starting from Easter (April 17th) and ending somewhere between August and September. :)

summer 2013

This summer I want...

Travel somewhere, outside of Finland
- I'm going to Poland, 27.4.-2.5.2014.

Write as many letters as possible
- You probably already know what a snail mail addict I am.

Spend as much time as possible on summer cottages
- Just spent the day at our summer cottage today.

Meet friends that I haven't seen for a long time

Read at least one book
- I haven't read any non-school related books for years

Watch all my favourite movies
- Already started by watching 'Tyttö sinä olet tähti' yesterday

Earn some money 
- Luckily, I have a summer job

Wake up early enough to see the beautiful summer mornings 
- No problem with doing this as my summer job days start at 7 am. 

No stress about anything, please 

Learn how to use a chainsaw 
- This is a real question mark. 

Attend running events and get over the finish line 
- Helsinki City Run, May 10th 
- Military Run, June 7th 

Pick up berries and mushrooms 
- Hopefully, we get as many as last year 

Stay up for a whole night 
- Probably happening during Midsummer 

Midsummer 2013
Swim in a lake and sea 
- Already swam in a lake today, but sea is a bit more challenging 

Eat a lot of ice cream 
- Tho I don't need a summer for eating ice cream 

Laugh a lot 
- Shouldn't be to difficult 

Go outside when it's raining 

Look through all the photo albums that we have and take many new pictures 

Change the wallpapers in my room 
- Already on planning stage

Get an acceptance to be an exchange student during the fall semester 
- Hoping and waiting 

Try out new recipes 
- I have plenty of cook books to go through 

Not to get sunburned 
- I usually end up being red at some point of the summer 

Meet my relatives

Celebrate my birthday in a nice way 
- Any suggestions? 

Start doing biking trips with my new bicycle 
- I got a new bike a year ago.


What do you expect from the next summer? (:


  1. which place in Poland you want visit? :P

    1. I just arrived back to Finland about 10 hours ago. :D I visited many nice places there; Krakow, Rzeszów, Zakopane and others as well. I really enjoyed the trip!