Thursday, 17 April 2014

Palm Sunday + mail

Last Sunday (13th) was a Palm Sunday, which is a religious day. As I have mentioned before I'm not that much of a religious person, so I'm not going to go to this topic very deeply. When I was younger I was fond of this day because it was just so fun! 

The tradition for this day, which we call as 'Palmusunnuntai', is that children decorate willow branches with feathers and other decorations. They are supposed to represent the palms thrown under Jesus's legs when he entered Jerusalem, tho I've never thought much about it. 

After decorating the branches, children dress up as witches or however they wish (you are allowed to use your imagination!) and go from house to house. They give people the willow branches and say this special poem. There are many versions of this poem, but I will write down the one that I used when I was younger. 

Virvon, varvon,
tuoreeks, terveeks,
tulevaks vuodeks.
Vitsa sulle, palkka mulle.

In return children normally receive chocolate eggs or money. At my home only two girls rang the doorbell, but there were more at dad's, so this picture is from dad's place. 

And also a pic of my dad's beautiful flowers!!

And now to the mail update... As I have been so busy with school, I haven't really been able to write any letters, but I did receive two letters this week. They arrived from: 

- Amit, Israel
- Emilia, Finland 

Happy Easter everyone! And for those, who don't celebrate Easter, just enjoy the weekend!!!

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