Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Exams are over!!

Hello everyone!

Finally all the exams are over!! I couldn't be much happier even though there are still a few reports to write, but who cares. The summer holiday is just around the corner! And Easter is almost hereee. I hope you are all having fantastic days also!

Some pics that I took when coming back home today. :)

And at home:

Tomorrow I will make a mail post as there won't be any mail delivered on Friday due to Easter. :)


  1. wow jännittävää nähdä siulla meikkiä.. :O ihania hassuttelukuvia :)

    1. Hehh. Juu, ei tuo meikkaaminen kuuluu mun joka päivään. :D Joskus on kiva vähä hassutella. :)