Sunday, 24 August 2014

A mail update week 34

Hello my dears! 

Last weekend was exactly the same as the previous one. First I went dancing these old dances with my mom, which we call as 'Lavatanssit'. It's more of a hobby to the old people, so I was the youngest one there. I didn't really mind that as I knew my mom was having fun, and I got to go to our summer cottage straight from there. 

A sunrise at our cottage (:

Goooood morning!

Just enjoying the beautiful morning. :)

This week mail has been moving more frequently than usually this summer. That makes me happy, of course. A mail lover is happy when receiving or sending mail, that's so obvious! :)

Letters received from:
- Emilia, Finland
- Thilini, Sri Lanka
 and a postcard from:
- Harjyot, India



Thank you for the bday card, Thilini!

As for the letters sent, they are traveling to: 
- Inga-Siv, Sweden 
- Clara, Germany
- Emilia, Finland 
- Mari-Liis, Estonia

Wishing you a great Sunday!


  1. ihana sumu tuossa aamukuvassa ! Melkein näyttäs että oot käyttäny pitkää valotusaikaa noissa seuraavissa kuvissa ku pilvet on venyneet ? :) tai sit oli vaan tosi tyyni mutta ihania <3

    1. Mä niin rakastan tuota aamukuvaa. (: Mulla on monta samantapaista kuvaa, mutta silti niin erilaista. <3 Ne muut kuvat on otettu ihan ipadillä, että se maisema vaan oli itessään niin upea. :) Kiitos!