Friday, 15 August 2014

A Week of Mail nr. 33

As a mail week, this week has been very slow. I have more or less concentrated on writing my work placement report along with 16 postcrossing cards, which were already sent out.

On the last weekend I wrote one letter, which is currently traveling to:
- Naomi, Malaysia

My mail box was happy a few times, when I received letters from:
- Ida, Norway
- Clara, Germany (first letter)

And an amazing postcrossing card from China. 

Last Friday was a rather interesting day as I went dancing with my mom, or better I went there to be her 'mental support' as I'm not such of a dancer myself. 

Gotta try new style of pics sometimes :)

Who wouldn't love this view? 
Enjoy the up coming weekend to the fullest! (:

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