Monday, 25 August 2014

Poland 2014 Part. 2.

It's been rather long since I started writing this series about my trip to Poland. Here you can check out the first part.

The second full day in Poland, was spent at a town called Lancut. It's the town, where my dear friend lives at, so it was a good idea to check out the town and its attractions.

In the morning we visited a castle, where we got a tour from a tourist guide. It was interesting to see and hear stories about the castle, as it's so different compared to the Finnish castles. In Finland the castles look pretty bland, I mean they are beautiful in their own way, but don't have painted walls, sealing and such high-end furniture like the castle in Lancut had. Overall, I enjoyed the tour in the castle and also around it, seeing the beautiful flowers was nice. 

If you want to read more about this castle, go check out this page: Zamek w Łańcucie

After visiting the castle, we walked around a bit, getting to know more of Lancut. What surprised me, was how there are fences around every house, like real fences that are made of some metal. Yes, we also have fences in Finland, but they usually consist of wood or then they are just some bushes. 

The next day we went on a road-trip, which was nice. I surely noticed how different the driving culture is between these two countries. Anyway, I felt safe, as locals know how this driving culture works. hah. If I was the one driving, we would have had some problems for sure. 

The first place we went to, was this garden in Bolestraszyce. It was a beautiful place, with some amazing flowers. As you have probably noticed I take lots of flower pics, so here are some more for you. 

I just love this thing!!

From the garden, we headed to see another castle in Krasiczyn. It was somehow similar to the first one, but still so different - once again very different when comparing it to the Finnish castles. 

So far, I had enjoyed the trip a lot, and the next two days in Krakow and Zakopane were even nicer! (: 

This is a perfect time to thank Barbara and her family for hosting me and making the trip forgettable, so Thank you!! It was exciting to taste different cuisine, something that I had never tasted before. I sure drank lots of tea over there as well, almost got an over-dose of tea in a good way. hah. THANK YOU!


  1. You are welcome ! :) It was a pleasure to host You :D

    1. Thank you! :) I'm so grateful to you. :p Hope to meet you again someday!