Friday, 5 December 2014

Trip to Athens – part 2

Thursday (Nov 27th) was our first full day in Athens, so it was full of discovering the city. We had an alarm ringing quite early to take the most out of the day. The day started with a breakfast at the hotel as it was included in the price. The breakfast included bread, ham, cheese, eggs, coffee, tea, juice and cereals. It wasn't anything major, but good enough to fill the stomach. However, for someone, who prefers big breakfast in fancy places, this wouldn't have been enough.

Our plan (well, it was more of my plan) for the day was to take a metro and go visit Acropolis. We walked to Omonia Square, because it's the closest metro station from our hotel. When arriving there we noticed the metro wasn't working, maybe because of a strike or something? We could have taken a trolley bus, but we had no idea, which number to take. That's why we ended up walking again. 

The plan changed while walking towards Acropolis. Instead of going there, we walked through a nice park and went to visit the Panathenaic Stadium – a stadium of the first modern Olympic Games. Even though it's just a stadium (+ a small museum about the Olympics), I still think it was worth seeing. It's so different compared to the Olympics stadiums they built nowadays, tho I haven't been to any other than the one in Munich (Germany) for live.

Our next step was the Jewish cemetery of Athens. Before the trip I read from touristic webpages, this cemetery being worth visiting because it's the oldest cemetery in Athens. It sure was different compared to the Finnish cemeteries, but also similar to the one I visited in Thessaloniki earlier. What I remember best about it is its size as the cemetery was huge! I don't know why I have been into visiting cemeteries in different places lately; maybe it has something to do with my previous summer job on a grave yard. 

Our next goal was to find a place to eat at. It's difficult as both, my mom and I, don't like restaurants, where someone is standing on the street and trying to get people inside to their restaurant. We tried to look for a restaurant, where we could look at the menu without someone interrupting us all the time. We did find a lovely restaurant tho it was a bit cold even inside. The food was delicious, and presented in a nice way. 

The rest of the evening we spent wondering around the streets near to the Ermou street. We visited some clothing stores, but we didn't find anything interesting enough to buy. We didn't want to buy any too basic clothes because those could be bought from Finland, so it made the search more difficult. Later we did find ourselves from a café again, which had nice Christmas decorations hanging from the sealing.

Once again we were very tired of walking around the city that it was nice to return to the hotel, watch some TV and go to sleep. That concludes the second day of our amazing trip.

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